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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day night in the Plazuela Machado

Monday morning, no gray clouds in the sky so sun is already big and bright but the temperature is only supposed to go to 72. My kind of day. Clear, no wind and not hot.
Maybe today we’ll take a bus ride into the Golden Zone just to do some walking around.
So where we? Christmas Day we stayed home all day. It was the day we ran out of Internet time – so did a lot of reading and relaxing. But during the evening we went to Plazuela Machado again for dinner and music. We had the taxi [yes you read that right] let us off at the plaza in front of the Cathedral in Centro. There weren’t as many decorations around this year as there have been in the past. This is the government building on one end of the Plaza. Colorful.
Looking across the street at the Cathedral. All lit up at night.
Walking through the plaza there were some cute decorations. A lit snowman and lights up the trees.
 Once we were at the Machado there were more decorations.
The full Christmas moon over the building.
I like the stars in the plants.
Our friends John and Jackie met us there and we had dinner at Beach Burger – right in front of the gazebo so we could listen to the musician. There were a lot of families in the plaza. Many of the people dancing to the music.
We caught a taxi and came home – great evening.
So why the taxi – well Willie is having another adventure in Mexico. Keep in mind the Jeep has well over 100,000 miles on him. He very nicely brought us home from our errand day Thursday. But when we went out to get in him to go buy some GBs for the internet – he didn’t want to go. He made noise like he wanted to go, but didn’t move. So Bill called our friendly Mazatlan mechanic – who answered his phone but was out of town – whoops – it was Christmas Day. He promised we’d see him the next morning at 10:00. The strange/weird/funny thing is – we had seen the mechanic downtown the day before while picking up our friends at their hotel. We stopped and talked to him and Bill was asking him to come and just give Willie a checkup. Maybe Willie wanted to make sure he saw him. Or maybe he just wanted a Christmas present.
Any way the mechanic‘s helper under the car and the mechanic in front.
The mechanic under Willie removing parts. All the other stuff is stuff Bill carries in the back of the Jeep
The consensus was the fuel pump had gone. To get to it the back bumper had to be removed as did the steel guard that protects the gas tank.
Then the gas tank had to come out. The helper very efficiently removing the years of dust off the fuel tank before taking out the pump.
Fuel pump was taken to garage to make sure that was the problem- yep.

So here sits Willie with his parts scattered around. The mechanic called to tell us the pump was beyond repairing – need new one. It has been ordered and will be arriving from Chihuahua Tuesday. I asked Bill if it was coming “from Chihuahua or “by Chihuahua“ as that could make a big difference with their little short legs. He just looked at me.  
The weird sunset last night. Looks like the sun is setting behind mountains – in fact it is fog or low clouds out on the ocean.
Does anyone use the new Microsoft Office program? All of a sudden it wants to send everything to “One Note” which I assume is something “in the cloud” while we are on limited Internet data that is the last thing I want. But can’t figure out how to get rid of it.
Yesterday we took a pulmonia to the grocery store and a taxi home. Plenty of inexpensive transportation available here. Hoping today I can get Bill on one of the buses and just go into town to walk around. Would be a perfect day for it. 

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