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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finally a nice sunset

Well we’ve had some beautiful weather the last couple of days. Perfect almost. In the mid-70s with no wind.
On Sunday we took a pulmonia – more about them later – into the grocery store. While there Bill had the baker make him a special cake. They mostly sell big fancy cakes, but they are just too much cake for us. We’ve talked to this baker before – I think I wrote about him before. Any way. Here he is making Bill’s small cake.
Bill watching him frost it.
The cake. It is two layer, one layer chocolate the other white. It’s about 5 inches across. The perfect size.
Yesterday, Monday, we took bus and went downtown just to walk around some. Yes, I got Bill on a bus.

But it was one of the more modern buses with a rational driver. No excitement at all. The only fun thing was the handles for people who have to stand up. Every other one included a beer can.
We got off downtown – the Golden Zone – All the sidewalks are being redone. This section was half done. Notice the design.
The next section was 2/3s done – see the round hole.
Workers putting colored cement in another round hole.
A finished area with the complete design.
After we crossed the street where the sidewalks are wider the designs changed. This is a big wave. 
And a fish design.
Can you tell I don’t have much to write about…We caught a pulmonia home. Well not really a pulmonia. Now for your pulmonia lesson. This is a true pulmonia – no doors.
This is an impostor – a Safaria. It has doors.
The pulmonia is was first introduced here in Mazatlan – the only place in Mexico it is used  - 50 years ago. They are fiberglass chassis with a VW engine. There is a pulmonia union in town. The Safarias are not members of the union. They belong to the taxi syndicate. Another interesting tidbit the word pulmonia means pneumonia in Spanish. And on a cold or windy night you feel like you could come down with pneumonia riding in one. The average sightseeing speed is 30km an hour – appx 20mph. But according to an article I read maximum speed is 150 km an hour – 100mph – I think I rode with one driver who tried to reach that speed one night when Bill was in the hospital. A new pulmonia costs 130,000 Pesos. And the engine last around two years. The drivers have to take a test to get their license and are randomly drug tested.
I got all this from an article in a monthly English language paper called M!.
Last night was the first pretty sunset since we’ve been here and it was amazing. All these are taken from our spot in the campground.

Well we’ve discovered buying our data for the Internet at the OXXO was not as easy as it appeared to be. As our time is gone already. Guess the girl did not activate it as data. Instead it was phone time – poof it is gone.
Guess I’ll go up to the office to post this as we are waiting for the Chihuahua to get here with our fuel pump. However – last night on the news we discovered Chihuahua is all snowed in, lots of accidents on the highways. So we wait…
So I'm doing this in the park's office and when I got up here my mouse stopped working - WTF guess it needs new batteries, good thing this is a laptop.

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