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Monday, December 14, 2015

Things to do in San Carlos

Monday morning and soon we'll be on the road Wrote this yesterday so it would be ready to post. 

Sunday – a day of rest and it’s 11:30 a.m.  and I’ve already done 4.918 steps today. Maybe I’ll make the 10,000 – NOT. Weather is perfect for walking. Not too hot and not humid. But I should have worn my tennis shoes instead of sandals think I’m getting a blister on my foot.
This Office program is telling me they want to do some updates…I’ve just almost figured out how it works I don’t need them changing things already. So I’m not going to “Update now.” Phooey on them.
On my walk I found lots of things to do in San Carlos. 
Fishing from the shore
 Hunting for rocks or shells.
 Just an interesting building.
 And a strange plant. It is a bush with these cotton like buds on it. They are real soft and fuzzy.
 One stop errand. Doctor and pharmacy in same building.
This is in front of the supermarket. They will cook the meat you buy for free. 
 And here is everything you could want. Apartments up stairs and down stairs a day spa, a tattoo shop, permenant or henna and an American dentist. 
 Remember the Thrifty Drug Stores in the U.S. years ago. And remember the good ice cream they sold. Well you can still get it here all over Mexico. There was a Thrifty Drug not far from where we lived in No. Hollywood, CA and every time we went in the store we'd stop at the ice cream counter for cones. 
 A big cactus covered with flowers.
 Another all in one stop and shop. Restaurant upstairs. Down stairs another spa, a locksmith and a gift shop. Their strip malls are a lot more colorful then ours. 
After having lunch on the beach again [Bill Caesar Salad and me fish with mango sauce, julienne vegs and rice] we went back to the Marina to see the painter. Remember the dish he was painting the other day. The big yellow one with Poinsettias on it. Here it is finished. 
And I bought a small piece it is to put a little candle in and the light comes out through the cut outs. It sit on a little dish. 50 Pesos - at today's exchange rate U.S. $2,84. It has three flower designs on it. About 5 inches tall.

By the time you finish reading this we will probably be on the road. Have about 240 mile to do today to get to Los Mochis so we can stay in a secure truck stop with a good restaurant. Don't know if we'll have Internet or not. For some reason the TelCel MiFi doesn't want to work today. So we'll see. May not hear from us till we reach Mazatlan tomorrow. Have to go right through two cities today. With lots of traffic and stop lights. Hate that. Also hope lots of road repair has been done since last year. There were some real ugly strips when we came home. And it's toll road to the tune of around US$45.00...
Got to get things put away to hit the road. 


  1. This was a fun post to read - wish I could have been on that walk with you. Thank you for sharing. Which candle holder color did you buy - or is that the three flowers on the,one you bought?

  2. there are three flowers on one holder. it is really pretty