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Friday, December 11, 2015

Every day life in city of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

Today, Friday, we kept pretty busy. First thing I did my walk around the campground - only got in 5,110 steps. After my walk we got in the car and drove into Guaymas. It is about 14 miles from here. It was founded in 1539 and remains a busy port city. Population of around 135,000. I didn't know this: Guyamas was captured during the Mexican American War and occupied by America for two years. Learn something new every day. 
We didn't take the main road instead we drove along the water. Looking across the water towards San Carlos. The weather was again perfect - mid 80s a slight breeze. 
 Turning up a main road towards the city we passed this vendor. I guess those are dust mops of some sort. And they were also selling Pure Honey. Their stand was right next to a tope so everyone has to slow down to pass it. 
 Driving down the main street leading into you'd think you were in the US. Little Cesars Pizza, Dominos, McDonalds, Burger King, Ford, Auto Zone just to mention a few. But right along beside them were these colorful pinatas for sale. 
 The main street is very interesting. All kinds of buildings, some very strange, some very old and coming apart, some really modern and some old that have been restored. 
 The sidewalks were full of people. The red building is a big supermarket and all the vendors are set up in front of it. Selling everything from Santa hats to freshly made snacks. 
 Fresh flowers for sale. And the boys sitting down has some sweets and jars of sauces. 
More shoppers. The OXXO is like a 7-11 and they are all over the place. There are over 13,000 of them in Latin America. They are owned by the company that makes Dos XX beer among other things. 
This is/was a beautiful old building that once was a bank. Every year more and more of it has crumbled away. What a shame. 
 We drove out by the fishing area. Have a pelican. Hundreds of them sitting and waiting for the boats to come in. 
 Looking towards Guaymas. You can see the church steeples in the distance. 
 Then we stopped on the Malecon to check out the Christmas decorations. Notice there is no baby. It isn't placed in the manger until midnight the 25th. The figures are life size and look to be made of paper mache. 
 Next to the Nativity scene was the Christmas tree and some big ornaments. 
Heading towards the Church of San Fernando. A few years ago a hurricane destroyed the dome and the church was under repair for quite a while. I've written about that before.  
 One of the older neighborhoods. This building is falling apart. The wooden doors have metal design in them
We parked and walked over to the church and went inside to see the completed work. This whole ceiling was ruined and is now replaced. 
 There is a lot of pink and gray in the interior. The main alter. 
 One of the side alters all in pink/white marble. 
 Looking towards the doors. Notice the pink and gray floor. 
 I know nothing about this figure and the hundreds of brightly colored ribbons that surround him. 
 Outside in the plaza in front of the church. A couple of street sweepers resting a bit. 
 Sitting under the trees reading his newspaper. 
Teenager using the exercise equipment in the plaza. 
Back in the car heading towards home, we stopped at a Ley's supermarket for a few things and then stopped at McDonalds for lunch.
Back home I was reading and didn't realize it was sunset time. So grabbed the camera and headed towards the ocean. It had really gotten windy and a lot more humid and cooler. There wasn't any sunset to film but I thought this cloud passing over the mountain was interesting. At first I thought it was smoke. 
The we decided to go out to dinner - oh gee I forgot to defrost anything. Went to El Mar for dinner. Very quiet in there only a couple of other people who left before we did. Their very pretty Christmas tree. Bill had chicken caeser salad with garlic toast and a soda. I had pescado empanizado [breaded and fried fish] with lots of steamed mixed vegetables, rice and ice tea. Excellent meal. US $15.00 
I have more pictures of Guaymas but thought I'd save them for a day I don't have anything to write about. Now it is time to listen to music and read.