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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wandering around San Carlos

Thursday morning already. Kind of cool in here this morning when we got up. Bill took one look around and got back under the covers. I opened the windows and it warmed up nice in here.
Today we’ll work on trying to get his computer to recognize the Internet. For some reason the adapter won’t even find the Parks Internet which is a strong signal. So we have a new USB hub that we’re going to try. If that doesn’t work there is a computer fix it place here in town. Might have to go talk to them. Ah yes! the new USB hub worked perfect. It brought up Internet connections we'd never seen before. So Bill can now go online with our new TelCel MiFi which is supposed to work all over Mexico.
And we got his step counter set up and can sync it to our phone. He did 15% and I did 68% of our goals of 10,000 steps. But he didn't have it on until evening. 
We went out for lunch to the beach again. Horrible view. Poor us.
Bill had 1/2 baked lemon chicken, Greek salad, french fries and a soda. I had 1/2 rack bbq baby back ribs, fries and ice tea [with no sugar.] Cost US$15. The view alone was worth that. 
After eating we drove over to the Marina just to walk around [he didn't have his counter on.] The mountain in the background is the one that is always in my sunset pictures. 
 Just water, palm trees, flowers and blue sky. 
As we followed the sidewalk around the docks we saw these plates drying in the sun. They will eventually be baked. There is gold glitter on them but it doesn't show up. Very pretty. 
 It shows up here.
 Some more of the artist's work. The bowls are wood, the other stuff ceramic. Very very pretty. I want to go back before we leave and get something. 
This is where the artist, a young Mexican man, works. This plate just has a base coat of paint on it. 
 The artist and more of his work. 
 Here he is working on the blank plate. 
Oh, Oh we woke him up. He had his head under his wing. Now we're getting the evil eye. 
From the Marina we drove up to El Mirador - the lookout point. This time you can see the back side of the mountain. The pictures don't do this area justice. The sea with a desert backdrop. 
In the lower center of the picture you can see a heart with initials in it. It has been there for at least five years that we remember. I wonder if no one has touched it or if someone fixes it up every year. It is pretty big as we are looking way down the cliff at it. 
Again the mountain. But I took a picture of the walkway. I've never climbed up to the middle part - which is actually the viewing point. I've always stayed at ground level. This year for the first time I stepped up. The wall comes up past my waist - but still my legs were shaking. One thing to cross off my list. 
 Just the sun on the water. A fog bank way out there. 
 Looking down at the clear water. 
 Willie patiently waiting for us. He is shiny from his wash yesterday. 
Then we came home. As we pulled into the RV park we passed a gentleman trying to park his 5th wheel. And trying and trying. Eventually he got it in then discovered the power post didn't have 30 amps. So he wanted to move to another space. No problem. Except when he was pulling into our row [to - egad - park next to us] he hit the truck parked at the end of the row where he was turning in. SCHRUNCH! Oh, boy. The owner of the truck was just visiting friends and his truck was sticking out a ways...but...Eventually with help from a fellow 5th wheeler he got parked. Willie had already run to another space until he got parked. 
We walked across the street to watch the sunset but it wasn't pretty. Now we're listening to the music from Paint Your Wagon. 

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