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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last day of an eventful year - 2015

Another year has passed already. And it was quite a year for us. Again this year as last year we do not intend to go out in the evening. But I’m quite sure we’ll go for a little drive during the day. I got up in pitch dark this morning. Just couldn’t go back to sleep. Just now at 7:00 a little light is beginning to show in the sky.
First news first. The Jeep, Willie, is completely fixed and running excellent. He had his fuel pump replaced. Thank goodness he was very nice to us and quit running right here in the campground instead of when we were traveling to out of the way places. Guess he likes us. Cost including fuel pump just under US$400. In pesos 6,700. Now that he is fixed we realize the strange humming noise we’d been hearing since before we left Vegas was the pump going bad. As I said, lucky it was right here.
Some pictures of the mechanic and his helper(s) putting it back together.Mechanic under car with new fuel pump - Bill closely watching. 
 Getting the gas tank in place. 
 Putting the steel protective plate over the gas tank
 Bill helping to pump up jack under steel plate. 
 Putting the hitch back on. Don't know why we have it - guess because it was in the 4 x 4 place and was the only thing left he hadn't added to the Jeep. 
 Hum.. did we forget anything. Do you see any extra pieces laying around. 
 And Willie ROARS again. Bill says it is amazing how much better it is running now. All him vim and vigor is back. Poor thing. 
And more news – the 29th of December for the last 9 years has been a bad day for us. It is the day our middle son John died. But now we have a happier note for the 29th. Our sixth great grandchild was born. A girl named Evelyn Belle, born at 7:20 p.m. 7 lbs, 6 oz, 20 inches long. Love the name. The baby.
Baby with her grandfather – our next to youngest son. Bottom right picture. Top right with her father and mother.
Bottom left our son's wife. 
The new grandparents – our son and his wife. They do the sign language videos.
And even more news – I got up to 8,200 steps yesterday with our walk in town and around the campground.

What a year this has been. One of our busiest in a long time. We were here in Mexico at the beginning of the year. Bill was dreading going home to Indiana as his allergies were so bad there. I was continually uncomfortable when walking, sitting and standing. Age was creeping up on us. We got home to Indiana around the first of May. In a week Bill was having problems breathing. We put our house up for sale. Hired an Estate Sale person, Packed everything we weren’t going to sell. Hired a moving company and by the end of June we were in the motorhome on our way to Las Vegas. Arrived there, looked at homes, settled on a manufactured home in a +55 park. It was an older model so it took some remodeling. While that was being done we shopped for furniture to replace all we got rid of. Then moved in in August. Tried to get everything settled before my surgery the first week of September. Bill felt like a young man again because he could breathe. After surgery I too felt better than I’ve felt in years. After clearance from doctors we jumped in the Alfa and here we are again in Mazatlan. Boy just remembering that made me tired. 
Happy New Year to everyone - may it be the best one yet. 


  1. Happy New Year - hope to be heading to Mazatlan next week-end - may we stop and say hello to you in Las Jaibas if you are home as that is where we hope to stay - at least part of the time. Beautiful baby and lovely name.

  2. Lovely name and baby!!! Wishing you both a very healthy and happy new year.

  3. Congrats on the new baby--she is precious !! Happy New Year to you and Bill !!

  4. Wow , I can't believe all that you have accomplished in one year. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Glad you are settled now and able to relax and have fun.

  5. Love the new babies name. Happy New Year.

  6. Great post! So wonderful to see future generations!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Congrats on the new GGB! Hope the next year is calm, relaxing and healthy for you both!
    You need to have the hitch on your jeep. I have a 2003 Liberty. There was a recall a year ago to have hitches put on all Jeeps that didn't have one, due to a possibility of an explosion from the gas tank if you get rear ended. I got a brand new one put on last summer.

    Barbie (from the WRV Forum)