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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Road trip from San Carlos to Los Mochis

This will probably be short and sweet – well not too sweet. Was a hard driving day.

We left San Carlos at 9:00 the morning under a very cloudy and cool sky. Stayed cloudy most of day.
The drive was 237 miles and we got here to the Pemex Truck Stop at 2:00. Averaging about 45 miles an hour. Five toll booth stops to the tune of 41$ for a mostly crappy road. Got here and parked in the secure truck overnight lot. Gate guard and everything. Then headed to the restaurant. Had a good meal two Milanese each, French fries and a huge salad, and two drinks for US$14.50. Then back to the Alfa. First thing we did was power up the generator to see if our MiFi would work. Like a charm. Shut off generator so Bill could take a nap. Will turn it on again later. But I can use both the laptop and the MiFi on just their batteries until I run out…
There are a lot of trucks with circus rides pulling in for the night I guess. Maybe I’ll go take some pictures later.
We got diesel as we pulled in here – first time this year in Mexico – sticker shock 4402 Pesos 310 liters…Even in US$ that’s a lot. I’m surprised we haven’t heard from our credit card though we told them we’d be in Mexico. The Peso is around 17.2 to the dollar
Some pictures from the day.
Quite a bit new concrete highway - but not near enough. Mostly going south. 
 Back on the narrow asphalt. barely room to go by one another. Every time we had to  pass a bus or truck I would lean left and hold my breath. 
 Lots and lots of this back and forth between north and south lanes. 
 And some of the crappy highway - and I mean REALLY crappy. The dash cam was on most of the trip hopefully I can get some good video to post. 
 This is the little town of Vicam where there are usually protesters against the governments water grabbing. Today no one was out stopping the trucks. We've never had any problems, just waved through. 
Same town, lots and lots of vendors at the topes and along side the highway. That is a big tope with the yellow stripes. 
 One of those gigantic concrete road pavers. Saw several of them today.
 And of course the cows and cowboys in the center divider. 
 A new rest stop along the highway. The Indian with the deer on his head is the symbol of Sonora. 
One of the MANY toll booths we went through. A couple of them seemed newer and wider than before. We didn't have to worry about scraping the mirrors. 
 Going through Obregon. A two block detour so there was a policeman directing traffic. Glad to see him. 
 Still in Obregon. These kids chased down the car as it had to stop for a red light. They wanted to and did wash his windshield. For pesos of course. 
 They finished with him and were running towards us. Bill quickly waved them off. They couldn't reach the windshield anyway. 
 Another big section of construction. The concrete is about a foot thick. 
Going to stop now. But that was about all the excitement for the day. I'm hoping my Nook gets fully charged as it is going to be dark here for a long time before we got to sleep. 
Next time I write should be from Mazatlan. After a dinner of ribs.