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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday Night Plazuela Machado

Last night we picked up our friends John and Jackie who just got into town and went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. There were a lot of vendors and Christmas decorations in the plaza. 
The gazebo was decorated and another friend, Rafael Rodriguez was going to be playing and singing there. 
We had a table front and center of the gazebo at the Beach Burger restaurant. At the campground it was kind of cool but when we got to the plaza we found the weather delightful. A perfect evening to sit outside and eat, people watch and listen to great music. 
This is blury because they were quite a ways away from us. The newly weds were posing for pictures.
The Christmas tree, the gazebo and the moon. Who could ask for more. 
A very short clip of the music [hard to really hear him singing because of other noises.]

Many thanks to one of my readers for the information about the Christmas trees with the red and yellow underwear.  Here is an explanation:
 Underwear: This is big: In Mexico, there is this belief that if you wear underwear of a specific color at New Year’s Eve, you will have luck in the new year.  Red is for love and yellow is for money. There are some rules to this. You must wear a brand new pair, if it is given to you as a present, even better! 
 - time to go shopping. 


  1. Hmmm...wonder if I want both love and money, do I have to wear one of each together?