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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On the road - In Arizona now.

We are on our way. Finally got everything together and left home at 9:00. Just a normal street in Vegas filled with orange barrels and cones.
Boy would I love to have the orange cone business that sells them to Vegas. You can’t go anywhere without finding them.
Not a whole lot of scenery in the southern Nevada area. 

Except of course when you have to slow down from 65 to 25 within a few feet. Searchlight of course.
And here is the enforcer. They must make a fortune in tickets there.
The road - 95 – is good until you cross into California. Then it goes from 4 lanes divided to two narrow lanes with a drop off from the asphalt to the dirt shoulder. We call this section the Dips and Donuts section [Do Not Pass]. Lots of don’t drive through if flooded. Glad it was a dry day.
On into Arizona.
Just a normal drive, weather remained kind of cool with no wind. Stopped for diesel in Arizona at a Flying J at $2.309. Sure better than a couple of years ago. Just a peak at the beautiful blue Colorado River water.
We are stopped for the night at the Split Rail RV Park. Long pull throughs, level gravel, 30 amps, WiFi and only $20 a night. Only 219 miles and we’re already in AZ  Last year it took us over 1600 miles to get to AZ. 
Not sure how far we'll get tomorrow. 


  1. Wave when you head past Mesa! Sigh, wish we were with you! Watching!

  2. I just heard that the Spit Rail is now part of Passport America.

    Poor Janet.....I feel and hear her pain. Next year my friend.