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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Around Mazatlan

Yesterday was kind of a quiet day. Bill fixed breakfast then we took a ride to take the laundry to the lavanderia [that means they do the laundry – so it comes back all nice clean and folded.] Love it.
From there we continued across town to Centro to pick up my camera. Good idea but the camera shop was closed. Not important we have another camera.
Driving through the narrow streets in the old area. Not any room for error. Good thing most of them are one-way.
On the way home we stopped at Fat Fish and reserved a table and told them we’d be there at 4:00 with our friends John and Jackie.
Spent the rest of the morning and afternoon just puttering around and reading. I went on line and set up a couple of bills to be email only. Forgot a couple of them before we left home. Also had to get a hold of the bank because they charged me three times for a safe deposit box rent. They took care of it right away.
A little before 4:00 we were back in Willie, picked up J & J and went to FatFish for dinner. I didn’t take any pictures but you can imagine the food. Just look at the header and drool. Only one of us ate everything – sure wasn’t me. We have enough leftovers for another couple meals.
Then we went out to the harbor area to watch the sunset. It is the first time in a while we’ve even  been able to see the sun. The sunset wasn’t great, but the view was. Looking at the setting sun setting the homes on the hill aglow.
The sun setting.
 No green flash

We waited a while to see if the cruise ship in town was leaving, but at 6:00 it was still in port. Sure was big and looked pretty all lit up.  Continued driving through town and then on home.

Didn’t get many steps in, but oh well. 

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  1. I love Mazatlan. You two spend so much time there you must really enjoy it too. Is there an expat community to help if I decide to move there permentaly I have been there a couple times and loved it.