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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Only a few miles from the border

It was REALLY cold in here this morning when I got up.
Split Rail RV Park Quartzsite
Bill got up for a minute to turn the furnace on and got back under the covers. Can only see his nose sticking out. I think if he could he’d drive straight through to Mazatlan today. But we will only go a couple of hundred miles.
It takes a while to get used to living in the Alfa again. I forget that the microwave is an old one, original from when we bought this. And it takes a lot longer for things to cook then with the new modern ones. Nothing like lukewarm coffee to start your day, ick.
We are already starting a list of things we forgot or want that we can’t find in Mexico. Some of them I know I put out to take…

The day before we left home I cleaned the Alfa pretty good, vacuumed and washed rugs and dusted. Don’t know if we left it that dirty or if just sitting in storage it got so dirty. I was going to wipe all the wood with my Amish Wood stuff but ran out of time so I was going to bring it with us and do it when we got settled…of course I forgot it. Maybe I’ll be able to find it before we leave the states caused it does a nice job. Also want to get another one of those laser glue things you see on TV. It works great. We had the dash camera up and working part of the day but the way the sun was in the sky the pictures are kind of washed out. Still need to figure out how to place it for the best pictures too. Didn’t get it working right today either. 
Just about the time we were ready to leave the park we got some unexpected visitors. Friends we've met a few times in San Carlos, MX who actually live in Beliz. They were on their way from San Carlos to CA and happened to spend the night in Quartzsite and saw we were here too. How neat to see them. We had hoped to see them in San Carlos but don't think they'll be back there before we head further south. 
We left Quartzsite around 11:00. Got to Amado, AZ about 4:00. Doing 287 miles today. Just some Arizona scenery.  
OMG- the orange cones are migrating from Nevada to Arizona. HELP!  This was the only stretch of "construction" today. Actually they were repainting the line. So everyone was doing 27mph for 10 miles. Talk about crawling along. I'm sure all the truckers were really happy about it. All for one machine painting the yellow line. Oops, no, there was another machine spraying the side gravel green. 
 Just another shot of the desert. So serene. 
 Here we have a space ship beaming tall skinny beings down to the ground. 
We pulled into the Mountain View RV Park in Amado a few minutes before 4:00. Registered - one night a Passport America price, the rest at $30 a night. 50amps, WiFi, and cable TV if you want it. Level sites, clean restrooms and laundry. And about 32 miles from the border.
Before 4:30 we were across the freeway headed to a favorite restaurant to eat. I practically had to run to keep up with Bill. We were both hungry. 
Tomorrow will be busy as we have lots to do. Get Mexican insurance for Alfa and Jeep, change some money to Pesos, do the last minute shopping and try to meet up with friends from here in the area for lunch. Not sure how many days we'll be here. We usually say 2 but end up staying longer. Also have to go to Verizon to get Mexican plan for our phone. 
It was 75 when we got here so Bill was happy, but its supposed to go down to low 40s tonight again. 

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  1. Suffice to say that our friends from that area are camped beside us here on the Isla simply because it is so cold there where you are camped which is where they live. That Cow Palace is a neat place. FYI....lots and lost of construction south of where you are.