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Monday, December 21, 2015

Strange weather in Mazatlan

The weather has been strange for the last couple of days. Very overcast all day and pretty humid. This was the no sunset Saturday night. 
We had walked over to the beach - across the street and about 1 more block from the RV Park. First time I've noticed this sign. Interesting instructions. 
Sunday evening I finally got around to decorating for Christmas. Our little tree sitting on the table that fits over the steering wheel. The lights on it twinkle and change colors when it is plugged in. I have my M&M ornaments sitting around the bottom - too heavy for the tree. Got them here at WalMart. Also found the tree skirt. I knew it was here some where. 
Usually put the bows on the tree but decided to festive up the whole place. See the one on the lamp and another one on the hook for the curtain tie backs. 
And of course dish towels to hang on the oven handle.
And table mats. They are a real flimsy plastic and have to be careful not to put anything too hot on them. MELT. 
Sunday was overcast too. That is as much as we saw of the sun all day. 
We went to the supermarket for a few things and I spied these Campbells soup cans. Took a while to figure out what flavor soup they held. Chicken.
Visited the pastry department - some festive Christmas cakes - this one cost a little under US $12.
No price on this one. 
And of course some of the pastries available. Every thing is baked here at the store. 
Here is Bill buying his favorite sandwich rolls. 
Want an octopus for dinner?
Or some fish swimming in the ice.?
Driving around we passed a money exchange place. Much better to draw you money out of an ATM to get the real days rate. Sunday it was 17.1 from the ATM.
There are two brand new Carl's Jrs that we've seen here in Mazatlan.
I don't think I mentioned the horrid smell we developed in the Alfa. It was coming from the cupboard area between the kitchen and bedroom. First thing I thought of was "rotten potatoes." Pulled them out and checked them. Nope. Had something managed to crawl up under one of the drawers and died? Pulled them all out and checked. Nope. Then I opened the cupboard doors where the washer/dryer is. Holy Moly GAG!!! Opened the washer - nothing in there. Cleaned out the filter- still not better. So Bill suggested running a load of laundry to clean out the lines. YEP. Took care of the problem. Thank goodness. Guess not using it for a year whatever was in the lines putrefied.  Put on check list - use more often. [But tomorrow we're taking the rest of stuff to the laundry.]
Then last night I actually cooked dinner. Chicken a la what ever I found in the refrig, garlic olive oil noodles and green beans with almonds. Today we kept busy running errands and enjoying ourselves. 

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