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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Things are getting done!

Today started out beautiful. Bright blue sky and puffy white clouds – picture postcard day. It is now 2:30 and the sun is gone covered by a heavy layer of gray clouds. Rain??
First some pictures from yesterday. Near sunset we walked over to the beach. Had to cross the street to get there. How would you like this job? He stands up there watering the plants. Including while the truck is moving. Usually there is nothing up there to hang on to.
The sunset was strange again last night. There were a few wispy clouds and a fog/cloud bank right on the horizon. Footprints in the sand before the sun dropped all the way down.
The sunset – looked like a fire in the sky.
This morning we took the bus into town again. And again – darn it – we got a 10 peso bus – one of the more modern ones. I wanted Bill to have an "experience." He was going clear across town to the historic area so he let us off right at the Malecon by Valentinos. This is a disco, restaurant, night club. At night it is lit with different colored lights, very pretty.
Looking down on to the sand – a little restaurant – serving just caught oysters. Yum. Not. They were enjoying them though.  

From there we walked up to the Gran Plaza Mall – five or six blocks. Nothing was open yet so we stopped at the Sanborn’s Restaurant for breakfast. The waitresses’ dresses are neat.
By the time we were done eating - our destination – the TelCel Customer Service Center was open. The Christmas decorations in the mall. Santa has left the building.
The TelCel center. As we thought when we bought time at the convenience store OXXO, the time was put in as telephone time, not Internet data. And it got used in no time. So basically we have to go to the TelCel place to buy the GBs and have it activated as Internet data. We can’t activate it on the laptop and to activate it ourselves we need a TelCel phone. Oh well. And we can only buy 3GBs at a time. The TelCel service centers are really nice places with really helpful people.
While walking through the mall we noticed a new restaurant – when we left here in March there were no Carl’s Jrs here in Mazatlan. So far we’ve seen at least four. Popping up all over.
Also saw some Vans tennis shoes – on sale. Do they still Vans in the US? These were originally around US60 and are on sale for US50.
We walked from the mall over to the Mega grocery store to pick up a few things. While there the mechanic called and said he be at the RV Park in a bit.
So we jumped into a taxi and came home.
Just found out we have a new great-granddaughter [6th great grand] born last night.

3:30 the new fuel pump – boy I had no idea they were that big – and the mechanic are here. Things are coming together. 


  1. Carol & Bill,
    The headline pic that you have now in your blog. The pic of FatFish ribs! You should keep that pic there for awhile. God! Those FatFish ribs are sooooo good.

    I should fly down to Mazatlan and allow you to treat me to FatFish!


  2. sounds like a good idea - when are you coming?

  3. We get our GBs on http://www.pinzoo.com/, pay with a credit card, then activate online on the Telcel site.