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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Brown County Power Outage

Thursday a.m.

OHHHHH! I can’t believe it! Just as I finished the last of the web pages and was about to save them the POWER WENT OUT – just for a couple of seconds but that was long enough to shut the computer off!!! Luckily I had already published them and could easily rebuild and save them but…….GRRRRRR……Some of the stuff that is on the web page.
Wind Spirit faces and Leather Sculptures

One piece of dyed and sculpted leather - check out the eyes
Now I have one more piece of jewelry – a necklace I made while in Mexico last winter – and forgot about – to add to my web pages – http://www.beadedcustomjewelry.com
Bill is in the kitchen cooking.
He is making a bunch of Milanese so he can freeze it for when we want a good quick meal. In case you are wondering - it is basically thinly sliced veal or lean beef, breaded in egg and Italian seasoned bread crumbs and then fried. It can be eaten in sandwiches, with lemon and capers, with red sauce and cheese or caramelized onions and mushrooms. Delicious. And he uses canola oil so it isn’t too bad for him to eat.
Today it is again cool and rainy out – won’t be warming out until Saturday I guess. It should be nice for our trip to Elkhart – which right now is planned for Monday. But still have a lot to do in Alfie. Hope we remember everything. Luckily we do have saved lists of what we need and a start trip check list too.
The bedspread I made a long time ago for Alfie - the pictures are starting to fade - someday I'll have to make a new one.
A new quilt I'm just starting - can you believe I don't have enough ghreen yardage to do what I want - I need six colors from light to dark and don't have them in the right shades of green. So guess we'll have to make a trip to JoAnns - our only choice around here.
For some reason I got sick last night after dinner – my poor tummy. Had a good dinner but didn’t taste so good the second time. Probably won’t be eating orange chicken and rice again for a while. Feel fine this morning. Bill ate the same thing I did and it didn’t bother him. So guess it wasn’t the food.
All the news around here is about Payton Manning not being able to play the opening game for the Colts - Is it a one man team?

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