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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Alfie, Poor Alfie! Progressive Insurance is Wonderful

Tuesday p.m.

Oh No Say it Isn’t So! I think I mention last winter while we were in Mexico and Alfie was in storage that a terrible storm hit the area where he was stored. We knew that it tore the new cover off him but didn’t think any real damage had been done. Turns out that wasn’t the case. We didn’t discover this until we took him to Elkhart last week. We noticed that there were water stains on the ceiling in the bathroom and the bedroom but thought it was because the vents were damaged. Well when we dropped Alfie off at the RV doc when we came home we asked them to check the roof. Good thing we did. Seems like the roof sustained extensive damage. And because water got under the roofing material there is soft wood in the top and sides. The storm also caused the problems with the awning on the slide. Not good news. So we called our insurance yesterday afternoon –Monday -  We have Progressive Insurance – today we went over to the RV doc and they already have the check to fix the damage – a whole new roof and repair of problems with the slide awning and the cleaning of ceiling inside. Also covered the torn up cover. Less than 24 hours and Progressive has taken care of everything. Amazing. Cannot say enough about them.
Progressive also covers us while we are in Mexico. They won’t pay for repairs done there but will pay for transporting the RV back to the US to make the repairs.
We went over to the RV doc this morning to get my glasses, jelly beans, dirty laundry and camping books. That’s when we found out the adjuster had already been there and approved the repairs. My biggest worry now is that they have to take the satellite dish off the roof to make the repairs – Please don’t screw it up. They will try to have Alfie ready by Oct 10th. The Driver is really getting antsy – especially when the weather reporter said we might have our first frost warning this week. The sun came out for a couple of minutes today so I rushed outback to snap a picture of the view.
EGAD! When I went to put pictures in computer I discovered something else I forgot to take out of Alfie – the cord that connects the camera to the computer – DAH. So had to use the card slot in the laptop, transfer pics to flash drive then to PC. Where there’s a will there is a way.
Also got found a picture I’d taken in Alfie of The Driver putting his bird together.
And another one of him working on his frames in the garage. It's so good to see him interested and busy with his projects again.
We got the weekly newspaper today and I’ll do a whole blog on this little town tomorrow – Country living at its finest. Learned a new word from it.
And I'm throwing in a picture of the pieces of the quilt I'm working on.

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