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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Truck Race and Gloomy Weather

Saturday afternoon

Was drippy and gloomy all day today. I ended up working on the new computer getting it all set up with favorites on Internet Explorer and downloading AOL. Took me half the morning. Then because it was hooked up to the Internet my laptop couldn’t get on line. Something about having too many things drawing on the router I guess. So unplugged my PC and then got on line with laptop. Needed to do that to set up the program that will let me borrow books from our library to read on my Nook. Got it working and have been reading my first borrowed book. After 10 days it expires and goes away.
Watched the Camping World truck race at 3:00 - #18 Kyle Busch won. Led all but 5 of 175 laps. Hope tomorrow he can do as well.
The Driver is downstairs right now working on some of his leather masks and wood spirits. Guess I’ll have more work to do on the web pages soon.
Put some corn out back for the animals and it didn’t take them long to show up. The baby turkeys are almost full grown now. And the fawns have lost most of their spots. Haven’t seen any hummingbirds since we’ve been home. Guess they have the good sense to head for warmer weather.

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