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Friday, September 16, 2011

Visiting Middlebury, IN in Amish Country

Friday a.m.

Another cold night. Repair man is here checking the hot water heater. Just hearing a lot of “Hummms” Not encouraging. Turned out okay – just a little thing that wasn’t taken care of when dewinterized. So now we have hot water.
Took a short drive just down the road a piece. First through little town of Bristol, IN. Just a building there.
Then on to Middlebury where we had to pull into the fire station parking lot to avoid a detour – like the fire hydrant.
And this one is just down the street.
 I’ve noticed a few of these painted elks as we’ve been driving around but this is the only one I’ve been able to get a picture. We've seen different animals in different cities Los Angeles had angels. One town in oregon had bears.
Old building on the main street in Middlebury.

Again sharing the road. Most of the buggies we've seen the last few days have been these enclosed ones.
They were having a Fall Festival in town so of course we had to park and visit it. Right across the street from where we parked. Interesting combination for a store. Yarn and Hardware.
And we went in – it was a big place – a full ½ block long. These were decorating the wall.
Had a key made for the door of Alfie so I can carry just that key and not a whole ring of them. And The Driver found kites. Did he buy one? Need you ask? Will have to wait until we get to Mexico to get a picture of it in flight.
Lots of decorations and flowers along the street.
They smelled really good
Also a couple of buildings have quilt murals on them.

The Gazebo in the plaza where the festival was.
We followed our noses to the food vendors. I’ve been talking about corn dogs for a while so I had to get one. Didn’t taste as good as I remembered. The Driver had a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, didn’t taste as good as it smelled. Walked around some. The Driver buying some farm fresh tomatoes. They smell so good.
Tried to talk Bill into buying one of these – he didn’t see why I needed one.

Passed the buggy parking on our way back to Alfie.
It never warmed up today but the breeze wasn’t so strong so didn’t feel quite as cold. The guy was at Alfie finishing washing him and got started on the wax job. What a difference. Alfie looks almost new.
Watching the truck race and writing this. #18 is running 2nd. Well he ended up 5th - bad pit stop. What a difference 2 seconds can make.
Just got a text message from oldest son about the crash at the air race in Reno. There have been a lot of them this year. Seems like there are a lot more tragedies both human and natural this year.
Tomorrow we may go to Shipshewana if the weather holds.

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