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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feels like winter is around the corner

Tuesday p.m.
I’m back! Well this summer hasn’t been one of the best and it has had an unsettling effect on me. Before I go further I will say that most of it has turned out okay though. I am starting to be my old self and getting a few things caught up and planned.

Talk about weird weather – three days ago it was near 100 – today the wind has been blowing steady around 20mph and it never got above 60 degrees. In fact both of us have on long pants and long sleeves. I even have shoes on!!!! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and still be cool – cold.
Was working on the web pages today – takes me forever to get them done. Only two more small pages to do to be caught up. Check it out – has the carved wood faces and leather masks – also some stained glass and jewelry.
Also started to do some sewing on a quilt. And bought paint to paint the ishy furnace room. Eventually I’ll paint it – in no hurry.
Still need to do some work in Alfie if we are going to go to Elkhart next week.
Spent half of today watching the NASCAR race – what a waste of time. The #18 came in 23rd but is still 2nd in points.
Enough for now – will be back tomorrow.

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  1. Good to hear from you two again. Hope things keep getting better for you. I look forward to following your winter travels again.