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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Frost is on the Pumpkin here

Thursday a.m.

It was COLD last night, furnace was on most of night. Think I’ll dig the extra blanket out today. Some how I keep ending up with most of the covers on me and cooking and the Driver says he is freezing his a$$ off all night – think I’ll nail them to the floor on his side of the bed tonight.
I think I saw frost on the grass and ice on top of the car – well maybe I just imagined it cause it was so cold. Have turned on the fireplace to cozy it up in here a little

nice and cozy
 And made a fresh pot of coffee. Why does coffee smell so good in the morning?
The Driver’s leg – where they took the vein out – is giving him problems in this damp cold weather – so he is talking more and more about warm beaches in Mexico. Doesn’t he remember it was cool and damp last year in Mazatlan?
It is so nice to have our own Internet working – still have problems with AOL though. Just doesn’t want to work between about 7 to 10 evenings. No matter where we are – it is something to do with Hughes.Net and AOL – too many people being on line during those hours – or so we’ve been told. But IE and FireFox work fine then.
Hopefully the guy who is going to wax Alfie starts on it sometime today or we’ll be here another week – he does a great job but he is meticulous (read slow.)

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  1. It may have been damp and cold but remember the pictures you got with all the snow!!! lol
    Sorry Bill is having so much trouble with pain... I can relate to pain very well...
    take care