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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internet and TV WORKING!!!!

Wed aft.

Hooray!!! Satellite Internet and Direct TV are now both working, in the rain even! There were a lot of problems with the stuff on the roof. Mismatched parts and parts missing. Would love to catch the guy who originally installed this mess. Oh well. With as much as we had in it we had to go ahead and fix it.
Washer/waxer guy never showed up and now it is raining soooo…. maybe tomorrow.
I mention that the hot water heater isn’t working. Satellite guy gave us a phone number for mobile RV people. So someone is coming to check it out on Friday.
To clarify something I mention on our way up here. The Alfa uses diesel fuel. There was a sign at the pumps for autos and RVs saying “auto diesel fuel 4.07” so we went to the truck pumps and paid 3.819 for diesel. We have a Flying J Frequent Fueler card – don’t know if that makes a difference or not.
We are staying at the Elkhart Campground here. It is really nice and well kept if anyone is ever in the area. Lots of trees, grass and flowers. About $30 a nite - extra $2 for cable. It is right off the Toll road and near lots of restuarants, grocery and drug stores - also a KMart.OH BOY!    Went to download my book on my Nook and had to connect to our Internet and it asked me for a password?????? We originally had this network set up about three years ago. I know what the password is for the set up on Jennie but here……Well some thought and I kind of remembered what it was – but first try I messed it up – but next try I got it right. Whew!  Got both my books downloaded – Now I’m a happy camper. So is Bill – he is watching

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  1. It's always something isn't it! I had a good day at my quilt guild meeting and then picked up some groceries. Terry S