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Friday, September 9, 2011

More Drizzle and Trip into town to Eat.

Friday early p.m.
Another cool and rainy day - saw about three minutes of sun then more gloomy clouds and mist.
Did run into town though and stopped for lunch. Let me share this with everyone. If you’re in the East half of the US and near a Bob Evans Restaurant – go in and try the Apple Glazed Pork Chops they come with stuffing, baked sweet potato and steamed veggies. It is very very good. So is the Potato Battered Flounder. Both worth just going there to eat them.
The last trip we took in the Alfa way back when – early 2009 I think – we got into a terrible storm on the way home and the odometer changed – went from 44K miles to 75K miles EGAD in a 240 mile trip! Well today we finally got it fixed – what happened it changed from miles to kilometers [by itself] So just had to change it back to miles.
Also discovered that the desk top computer in Alfie has quit working – maybe it didn’t like the extreme temperature changes while in storage. So The Driver is going to have to take his home PC with us. He prefers the PC to a laptop.
Did a bunch of rearranging in Alfa this morning – all ready to finish loading up and hit the road Monday a.m. Only a couple of hundred miles to Elkhart. Just hope we can get the satellite fixed quickly.
I’ve been letting my hair grow since we’ve been home – even had a perm but it is driving me crazy. I either have tight ringlets – after it’s been wet – or I have to use a curling iron and hope I don’t get in the rain or wind cause if either happens it is just plain straight. I keep looking at the clippers…….
Bill was a cooking fiend yesterday – after making the Milanese he made apple buñuelos – kind of like apple fritters. Yum…..

Add just a sprinkle of sugar
Going downstairs to watch NASCAR – lots of practice, qualifying and a Nationwide race tonight.

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