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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SUPERANNUATED - Having extra years to spend!

Wednesday p.m.
Learned a new word yesterday - seems like there is a town women in town who wants to organize a creative aging festival????? But she doesn't want to use the terms "old" or "senior" in the title She want to replace those words with SUPERANNUATED.  Huh?  She says it means "Having extra years to spend." I love this town.
Had the pest control out today - boy did we need him. Living in the middle of the woods in a damp area sure seems to produce a variety of bugs. No mice this year so far though.
Also had to make another trip over to the Alfa - picked up my camera connection, the wireless connection for the new computer (I'm going to try to get it set up before we start traveling) But the main reason we went is I forgot to put our passports in my purse - left them in Alfie [I hoped!] Yep they were right where I thought I'd left them. I like to get all our copies of everything we need for Mexico done before we leave home. Easier that way.
More rain and cold today - all day again.
Just finished watching a soccer game on TV - pretty good one. Had sandwiches for dinner. Had out "good" meal out at a restaurant earlier in the day. My kind of cooking.
Meant to write more about our little town of Nashville as per our newspaper but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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