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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Country Living at its Finest

Thursday a.m.

To say we live in a strange little town is an understatement. Every week when we receive our small weekly paper The Brown County Democrat there are articles that amaze me.
First off about hunting – Indiana no longer allows Ohio residents who own property in Indiana to hunt and fish in Indiana without an Indiana license. Why you ask? Well because Ohio just eliminated the ability of Indiana residents who own property in Ohio to hunt or fish on their property there without an Ohio license. I guess that’s fair.
Another article - in a meeting of the county commissioners that was open to the public so they could ask questions and get answers before voting to pass an ordinance dealing with animal control. The commissioners refused to let the public speak and just passed the ordinance. They have a habit of doing that. One commissioner said “He chose not to respond to the e-mails he received.” Several letters to the editor suggest the commissioners will be looking for new jobs come election time.
This poor little town makes it money on tourists. Especially during October when the leaves change. And times are tough now. So a few businesses have been trying new things like staying open later in the evening [sidewalks usually roll up here by 6:00] and providing food and musical entertainment till 9:00. Their business has pick up a little. So what happened? A quote from the paper “Bustling business irks neighbors.” But reading the article it is just one neighbor that is irked. According to her the town has laws against “prolonged sounds by people, or by any animal or bird so as to disturb the public peace, quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants.” BIRDS????? Oh boy. The town attorny will be issuing warning letters.
But by far the most fascinating article was about the four main corners in town. Seems they don’t belong to the town. They belong to the county. What? Refer to picture…..
A long time ago when the town was first laid out this was the main four corners of town. Now the main Highway 135 runs through town one block east. Anyway – some how when the town plat was laid out these four corner lots (just the four grassey corners within the red square) were not included in the towns land – it remained with the county! So….because Nashville never platted those corners they are county property. All this went on in the late 1800s. Right now both entities have to have insurance on the property. And the county has to pay for upkeep i.e. water, electricity and mowing. The mowing is done by inmates in Community Corrections but lately there haven’t been enough people in that program to keep up the mowing. …..Now the county is talking about selling 3 or 4 of the corners to "generate some revenue." But not necessarily to the town. One gentleman interviewed says he is speechless. And on and on it goes…..
As I said interesting little place. Sure is different from Los Angeles or Vegas.

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