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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Much Better Day and an Apology to Gertrude

Tuesday a.m.
Today is getting off to a pretty good start. The campgrounds WiFi seems to be a little better in the morning. The sun is up and the sky cloudless. Really nice after all the gloomy days we’ve had at home lately.

First off I have to apologize to Gertrude – though I hate to. When I first programmed her I told her to take us to Elkhart - NOT the Elkhart Campground. Then I added the campground as destination. So she was going to take us to Elkhart downtown first just like I told her to……and she didn’t know the road would be closed. [I’m trying to make brownie points with her.]
We haven’t used Alfie since 2009 – the last couple of years we’ve been in Jennie the 29’ Class C - so now I’m having trouble getting used to this one. Just little things like – couldn’t figure out where the toilet paper was – inside the cupboard duh. Then how to flush the toilet – foot pedal instead of hand lever. The faucet doesn’t twist or turn to get water it moves back and forth. Just putting groceries away – I know I used to have a pretty good system for it but right now they are just kind of scattered here and there. Maybe more space isn’t good! Just kidding. Forgot how big this is when the slides are out. Almost like being home.
I do miss a couple of things from Jennie though – in her we had little drawers under the table for pencils, calculator and paper etc. – now I have to get up and go to a drawer where they are kept – horrors.
Another little thing that happened yesterday. The refrig wouldn’t switch over to propane when we unplugged. So while at the RV place we asked them to look at it. Hummmm the burners on the stove wouldn’t light either. Gauge showed we had plenty of propane. Hummm. Gee – while it was in storage the switch at the tank had been shut off – well yah! So no problem at all, turn switch back on and we were set. You’d think we never RVd before in our life instead of doing it for 40 years.
Satellite guy is supposed to call us back in a couple of hours to set up appointment. No hurry. Wash and wax guy can’t start until tomorrow and it will take him three or four days to finish. Slow but excellent job. Hope it doesn’t rain until he is done.
Just a couple of pictures from yesterday. This church was for sale when we were here last year – still for sale. Wouldn’t it make a neat home?

And one of the round barns – this one with a cow and chicken painted on the roof.

Lots of barns with stuff on the roof – but most I didn’t notice until too late to take a pic.
Satellite guy just called - he see us sometime tomorrow afternoon - sure hope he can get it working.
We have a little WiFi Antenna booster and I'm using it now and it seems to be helping with the campground wifi.
Pretty much just taking it easy today - for now anyway. Might try and find a WalMart for some of the things we forgot.

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