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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shipshewana Flea Market and Meat Market and Quilt Garden

Tuesday p.m. again     Actually it is now Wednesday morning – just didn’t get this posted yesterday.
It’s 15 to 8:00p.m. and Joel is still here working on the wax job. Don’t know if he is going to do the Jeep. Waiting to see when he finishes this. (He just left 8:15 and hes not done yet.)
I don’t like the picture on the header of the blog. Will have to work on finding a different one when we get home. And haven’t been able to change the color of the font so any picture I pick will have to be a light color. Hummmmm
Like I was saying – today was a really nice day. The weather was perfect. Hope it holds till we get home. Which might be Thurday……or Friday…..
We went back to Shipshewana to go to the flea market which is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Driver is one of the luckiest people I know when it comes to finding parking places. We got one right in front of one of the entrances and the place was packed.
It is a really really big flea market. A couple of views of it.
Looking East

Looking North - Just part of it
Making ice cream.
Saw lots of women in bonnets shopping. One group of young girls appeared to be shopping for hope chests or new homes. Buying lots of basic kitchen items.
The Driver was attracted to this flag display.
He ended up buying a big bird to fly from his flag pole. The booth he bought from also sold some beautiful handcrafted Cedar Root items.
Would love to have this in our yard – but we don’t need any more “stuff.”
You can tell I’m not a pet person; I was flabbergasted when I saw these doggy strollers.
My kids didn’t have stroller any where near this nice.   And we actually saw several of them being used. I know our youngest son bought his dog boots 'cause when they take him to the lake in Las Vegas the dock is too hot for his feet. Here is a video of the dog Chicio in his sneakers  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1432722867504
We walked around for quite a while and didn’t begin to see everything. I was kind of disappointed though. I thought there would be more local hand made items. Very few – mostly just the stuff you can find at any swap meet. This was the most walking The Driver has done for quite a while and he didn’t get tired. I got hot though and was ready to leave before him.
From there we went to a meat and cheese market. Almost couldn’t get the Driver out of there. Bought lots of Swiss and muenster and they sliced it and vacuumed packed it for us. And I did not buy any more candy though they had chocolate cherries! Yummmm.
Wednesday a.m.
Today has dawned bright and sunny again. Alfie is almost completely waxed. We are supposed to head for home tomorrow……If – If Joel gets here and finishes Alfie and can get the Jeep done today……We’ll see…..
Back to yesterday – across the street from the market we found another quilt garden.
They are so pretty and this one had a raised platform to go up on to take pictures.

There was a working windmill here that was actually pumping water.
Just driving the highway towards home.

Just got an e-mail notice that the spring necessary for the fixing of the awning over the big slide is in at the RV doc. So our plan right now [ha ha] is to drop Alfie off there and then continue on home. Sooooo how much should we take out of him? All the food in the refrig and freezer? The electronics? Or will they keep the power on and fix it so we can pick it up the next day. The best laid plans....
The Driver wants to go out to breakfast so will stop for now.   
We’re back. [no Joel yet] I am definitely going to get my hair cut. After traveling with the car window down I look like Bozo on a bad hair day. Cannot stand it!

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