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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Satellite Guy Came and Went - Will be Back

Started writing this last nite but couldn’t get it posted. So try again now.

Tuesday noon - Looked like it might think about raining for awhile – but it didn’t
Tues 7:30 p.m. Well the satellite guy came – and went – one part on the dish isn’t working so he will return tomorrow with a new one. [I hope that that is all it is and everything will be hunkey dorey soon.]
Hasn’t rained but has sure gotten cool out.
Went out to grocery store and lunch and stopped by the visitor’s center. Sure some pretty quilts in there. And picked up a bunch of info about things around here.

Crap – now the water heater isn’t putting out hot water – probably just something to do with it having been stored/winterized but too dark outside to check it out. The RV place I thought was going to check all that stuff before we picked it up. Made me think that I maybe should run a load through the washer/dryer before we go home to make sure that is working right too. We’re beginning to think Alfie is still mad at us for leaving him in storage for so long.
Wed. a.m.
You would think we never RVd before instead of having done it for 40 years! Discovered I brought a big bottle to refill the hand soap but forgot the little bottle to put it in. Also paper plates and “oh my heavens” potato chips. How could we leave home without them?
I bought a couple of books for my Nook before leaving home but didn’t think to download them and of course the WiFi here at the campground isn’t stable enough to do it.
So now we wait for the satellite guy and the washer/waxer guy.

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  1. As I read your event in the happening I know the feeling..I too for over 38 years have been Rving yet there are days I feel like a Newcomer ??? I've learned thought when going to RV service make a list and keep a copy and when you go to pick the rig up..before paying go over the list with then again.. I know it's a pain in the butt ..hence..No ticky no payee...:) God Bless soon it will be all better..God Bless Zeee