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Friday, September 23, 2011

Busy Day at Home

Friday p.m.
Busy day today I GOT MY HAIR CUT! Hooray – feels so much better. I need to remember this the next time I think about letting it grow. It is now about ½” long all over my head.
Also got a hold of the mail in pharmacy and got The Driver’s meds straightened out. They are going to send us another 90 day supply – a vacation exemption – so he will be set until we get back here in the spring. Got all the refilling etc. straightened out too.
Day started out cold and rainy and now is cool but nice and sunny.
The PC in the Alfa took a dump while it was stored so got a new one today. Right now The Driver is busy setting the new one up. Glad it’s him and not me – I hate doing that.
A couple of the Microsoft programs are a royal pain to do. You have to call them up and then it seems like you have to put in 9000 numbers to get them activated. But it’s done. Now he is just transferring all his music….

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