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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting things caught up - list of favorite authors

Wednesday p.m.
Another cool day – in low 60s – Bill is ready to head south! I love it. At least there is no wind today. Supposed to be cool for at least a week. And rain is predicted later today through Friday.

Where has the year gone? Going back and forth to Columbus today we saw some soybean and corn fields already being harvested! And when I go out back it smells like fall. The fawns have lost most of their spots and are getting big.
Regressing a little. The Driver decided in his infinite wisdom that after four times at rehab he didn’t need to go anymore. So that was the end of that. So consequently I didn’t go to the YMCA for the old farts Silver Sneaker exercise classes (they would have been at the same time as his rehab). I wonder if running up and down the stairs many many times a day counts as exercise.
A little more on why I haven’t felt like posting. Around the end of April we lost one of our daughters-in-law. It was very sudden, one day here the next gone. Then in a couple of weeks it was the birthday of our son that we lost a few years ago. And then a couple of weeks later The Driver had his heart attack. And two weeks after that his surgery. Rather a shitty time for a while there. Then all the heat and humidity. Just got to me I guess. I’ve read so many books this summer to keep my mind off things that I’m tired of reading. What I’ve been doing is rereading all the series of books I have by my favorite authors. Cheaper that way. I read most of them a long time ago so they almost seem like new – some as far back as mid 1990s. I like Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Michael Connelly, John Sandford, J. A. Jance, Lee Child and Nelson DeMille just to name a few. Also Robert Crais and Vince Flynn. Wish they would all get busy and write some new ones.

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