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Monday, September 26, 2011

OMG I forgot my Jumbo Jelly Beans

Sunday evening

Another gloomy and rainy all day day. The Internet is so slow I don’t even know if I can publish this. Don’t know if it’s a Hughes.Net problem or the big storm system.
Slept late this morning because every time I opened my eyes it was dark out – so rolled over and went back to sleep. Finally looked at the clock and it was 9 o’clock!
Monday evening
Lost Internet service for entire day. Big rain storm moved through. Got a couple inches of rain.
Worked on my quilt yesterday got all the strips for the green blocks sewn together, next will be the yellows. Bill was working on building frames for his wood spirits and masks. And watched the race – didn’t turn out as well as the truck race – Kyle Busch the #18 came in 11th – needs to do better than that. At least he moved up a little in the points.
Went into town this morning for errands and breakfast. The Driver was looking for pretty feathers in Hobby Lobby. And lo and behold when we came out the SUN WAS SHINNING. Even having a pretty sunset tonight. But more rain expected tomorrow.
We have to go over to the RV doc tomorrow I really need my glasses and OMG I forgot my Jumbo Jelly Beans in the Alfa too. Need them.
Had talked before about the Frequent Fueler card from Flying J – with it you get the cash price for gas/diesel plus 3 cents a gallon off. So if you don’t have one get one it is worth it. Check out their web site www.pilotflyingj.com for info.

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