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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Monday Morning

Monday a.m.

Ugly, ugly day today. Lots of dark clouds and rain. And with the window tinting in Alfie it is really dark in here. Only the windshield and the driver and passenger windows are not tinted very dark. The rain and clouds have seemed to warm things up some. When it is damp and cold The Drivers leg really aches – the one they took the vein out of.
Went out to dinner last night – I had turkey, dressing and vegetables. Very good. Started to mist as we left the restaurant. Got back to Alfie and Joel was still working on waxing Alfie. He is about 2/3rds done now. But no work today with the rain forecast for the entire day. So guess we’ll be here a few days longer.
The NASCAR race yesterday was rained out so it is supposed to be today at noon.
Got a pleasant surprise as we took this trip. In a drawer are a bunch of t-shirts I have bought as we traveled. And I have never used them –forgot I had them. One from when we visited Tombstone, AZ on the anniversary of the OK Corral. Another is from a hotel in California gold country. Someday I’ll take them all and make a quilt out of them.

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