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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Short Visit to Shipshewana, IN

Saturday p.m.

Didn’t get quite so cold last night – didn’t hear the heater come on at all.
The part of Alfie that is waxed gleams like a mirror.
Sky is blue full of puffy white clouds so we decided to take a ride. Stopped first for breakfast. Sometimes I wonder about people. From the time we sat down in the booth until we got up to leave the guy in the booth in front of us was on his cell phone. Never put it down once. He wasn’t loud or obnoxious about it – it’s just that I could see him. I don’t think he ate one bite.
The Driver keeps complaining that I have too many blogs and it could confuse people - so I've been toying with a new blog - maybe try out WoodPress. BUT Have to figure out a name for it....Tried a few out while we were eating. How about "Mantra of the Golden Years - Recalculate!"  or  "Our Travels and Tribulations"  or "Old Farts on the Go"  What do you think?
Started out for Shipshewana – found another elk and The Driver looped back so I could get a picture of it.
It sure is pretty country here when the sky is blue and the sun is out. Lots of green fields, white houses and red barns.
 Notice the little outhouse looking building closer to the street.
It is a private phone booth. The modern Amish realize the importance of a phone for business so they have phones, but not in the house. They are in little unheated, unairconditioned no seat buildings. Can’t get comfortable while talking, strictly for business.
Two approved modes of transportation.
Almost a traffic jam. Three buggies (one is in front of the one on the right) and four cars - count us too.
I told The Driver to turn the wrong way at the corner. So we had to double back. We drove up this dirt road past big farms. So pretty.
Also passed this school house.
Another phone booth.
You can always tell when you close to a large Amish population. Just check out the apples on the sides of the road. 
See arrow
Going into downtown Shipshewana. There is a big campground right around here too.

Parked for a while to walk around. First we went into Davis Mercantile. All kinds of shops in there. Of course I found a quilt shop – I love to look at them. Just a few of them on display.
The Driver likes this kind with the shaded colors (I’m starting on one at home – not this pattern but with the colors.)
Went into a shop with all kinds of musical instruments. Wonder how long it would take to learn to play this one.
Thought this sign was cute.
The Driver sat down on one of the benches and went in and out the stores. Love this statue in the hallway.

A couple of fabric shops there – I had to restrain myself. How about this fabric made into a toaster cover. Love it. Reminds me of my childhood.
Another set of shops. The bike advertises a café.
Actually managed to get out of town without spending any money.
Such a beautiful day out. From there we went across the farm lands to the Goshen area.

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