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Monday, September 5, 2011

Guess Who Came Home

Guess who came home. Yes – Alfie is now home again. We picked him up from storage about a week ago.
He is Home
I forgot how big he is and how nice he is.

Part of the kitchen

Part of living area and dining area
We have spent several days loading the stuff back in him that we took out to put in Jennie (had to take it all out of her first.) Could only do a little each day as it was sooooo hot.
Our summer weather has been weirder than usual. Had 40 some days of high 90s with heat index over 105+ and since that stopped we’ve had days in high 70s and nights into low 50s. But it is warming up again by the end of this week. Had some rain off and on, but not enough to keep the grass green.
Two days ago it was over 100 – today it won’t reach 75! The trees are already losing their leave and a couple of them are turning color. We also got some much needed rain with more expected by Thursday when we catch the tail end of Lee.
The Driver continues to improve – last Friday the 2nd was 3 months since the surgery. He still gets uncomfortable now and then. Especially when he’s been too busy. Finally gaining some weight back.
This is all for now but will try to catch things up over the next couple of days. I just haven’t been in the mood for writing.
And today when I finally deceided to post the stupid Internet Hughes was out. Had to reset modem, unplug and replug everything to get it working again. Grrrrrr.


  1. Glad to see you back to posting.. I so enjoy reading your travels and very happy to hear the "Driver" is doing better.. It's always a good feeling to get back in the big rig..it's like home sweet home to me too.. Take care and know that I'm keeping you both in my prayers..God Bless Zeee

  2. I see you are getting the motorhome all together. Glad Bill is getting stronger. We have had cooler weather also.