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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bonneyville Mill and Dahlia Garden

Tuesday p.m.
Good to know that the washer/dryer works fine. So got one load of clothes done. And The Driver fixed one of the lights on the ceiling. It was flickering on and off – then off. Turned out there was just a lose wire. Was glad to see he was able to work on something above his head. Couldn’t have done that a month or so ago.
Fog finally lifted and the sun came out. Turned out to be a perfect day. So we took off – hoping that Joel would show up sometime during the day to work on Alfie.
Had some breakfast and set off for a drive in the country. When we first got here last week none of the trees were changing color. Since then they have really started to turn. Guess it was the cold weather.
First we stopped at the Bonneyville Mill – it’s been in constant operation for over 150 years. Very pretty setting
Another one of the quilt murals on the side of one of the buildings there.
The mill itself. It is in the process of being repainted so it wasn’t open for touring. But we had gone through it last year.
The building across the street and the windmill.
Repainting the lettering on the side of the mill.
Next to the Mill is a magnificent Dahlia garden. I took lots and lots of pictures of the flowers. Hope you enjoy them.  

The petals are perfect

A tiny part of the garden

Two colors

Pink, yellow and white

Yellow with touches of red
There were a lot of butterflies and bees everywhere.
Just down the street was this one room school house.
Driving through the countryside we came across these road signs. Snowmobiles and Buggies.

It is so nice to just drive around this area. It is so pretty, so clean, so neat, so inviting – after seeing it you just want to move here – until you remember about winter…….
Just a corn field with a farm in the background - blue skys and puffy clouds
An Amish home, phone booth and laundry are pretty standard sights.
A school house with children playing outside.
We were headed towards Shipshewana again as I remembered that the BIG flea market was open today. I’m going to split this blog cause I don’t want to take a chance of losing what I’ve already done.

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