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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A little better -

Got to the hospital later than usual yesterday – and he was asleep. I just missed the bus so took a pulmonia after bargaining for the price.  Bill feels quite a bit better but is getting antsy with just lying around. I only stayed a little while as he went back to sleep!  Again a pulmonia home. Puttered around the RV. Called Angelica, a friend of ours here and she came right over to pick me up to go see Bill again. Her father had his prostrate removed a few months ago. She is familiar with some of the doctors here in town and with the procedure. We found out the name of the doctor who is going to perform Bill’s surgery and she checked on his reputation – it is very good. She also talked to Dr Cruz who is the clinic doctor about having her father’s doctor make a consultation. He called that doctor but in the end we didn’t have him come in for a consultation. [I know what I mean but it is hard to explain] The urologist who is going to operate on Bill, Dr Camacho got high praise from Angelica’s father’s doctor. So anyway
While I was there I got to meet Dr Camacho. He is pleased with the progress against the infection. White cells continue to drop. Fever is gone. Blood pressure is great. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Thursday at the same hospital I was in a couple of weeks ago. Baring any problems he should be released Friday. I wonder if he will insist on driving home?  And as an added bonus the hospital is only three blocks from our friend Angelica’s house and she will come sit with me while Bill is in surgery.
He will be transferred from the clinic to the hospital in an ambulance and I can ride with him.
And surprise - guess who also came to see Bill – Dr House – whose name I found out is Dr Hector Velazco. And he was very cordial and took a lot of time talking to Bill explaining things. Not near as abrupt as he was the first time we met him. Maybe because Bill has improved so much he was even laughing with Bill. Besides the doctor at the clinic Bill has seen six or seven other doctors with different specialties. The care has been very good. Still have no idea what the cost will be.
Today is the last day of Carnaval, the big parade is tonight, so the streets should return to normal – just chaotic not crazy chaotic.
A neighbor just came by and told me he would empty the gray and black tanks for me if it needed doing. I guess after ten years in this I really should learn how. No excuse for me not knowing how.
Guess I’d better get this posted and hit the road. He’s feeling better – just called and gave me a list of things he wants. 
Maybe I'll try for a bus today. 


  1. So glad to hear things are looking better and friends have offered you help if needed.Give Bill our best.

  2. Continued prayers, Carol... (George has let us know he's headed our way, hopefully for a visit)

  3. Hi Carol....dinally a little good news. Wonderful to hear that Mr. Bill is doing better....we will continue our prayers that the surgery goes well and he'll soon be back at the RV with you. It's scary when things like this happen when you're so far from home. Give Bill our best and let him know we are continually asking about him. Thanks for the email as well. Please be safe out there on the streets. Wish we were there to help out. Hugs to you both. Your friends Debbie & Alan!

  4. Glad Bill is doing well. Twelve years ago I had the choice of radiation, or major surgery involving a 8" incision down my abdomen. I've heard of the "DeVinci" procedure where they make 3 or 4 small incisions, but this sounds even better. Sort of like theTURP (Transurethal resection of the prostate). A common procedure often referred to as a "roto-rooter job." Thanks for your posts, and I'm glad to hear about George.

  5. Glad Dr House was more cordial and friendly today ! So glad that things are looking up with Bill too ! Sending healing wishes for Bill and Comforting prayers for you as I know your worried . Happy Pete is in touch with George we miss him and his adventures with ya'll!