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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Snowbird in Mexico

Could not resist this picture – stole it off the web.

Cloudy here again this morning – hope it stays that way. At home it is raining with one day of sunshine tomorrow. But the temps are up in the 50s. So maybe – maybe – Spring is finally coming.
Can you believe it is almost the end of March – this has been such a fun month! Yes I’m being sarcastic. One of our sons called us yesterday and offered to come down here and drive the Alfa home for us – love him for that but hopefully Bill will feel up to it in a couple of weeks.
As for Bill – yesterday his bacteria count took another big drop – so maybe today it will be all gone. Wishful thinking. If it is gone and stays gone he will be able to come home on Monday. I told him that when we cross the border he’d better be wearing a long sleeve shirt as he has so many needle holes in his arms he looks like a junkie. He didn’t think that was funny. These days I get my humor where ever I can find it. Surgeon was in yesterday again. He’d got biopsy back looked at scan and is very happy with the way everything is healing – no more problems in that area. Absolutely no sign of cancer anywhere either.  Nurse also told Bill he has the blood pressure of a 20 year old.
I finished my shawl yesterday! Only took me six months.
So now I’m looking for another project – we have two great grandbabies due in a couple months – a boy and a girl – so maybe I’ll try a baby blanket.
No eventful rides yesterday – going in I got a 10 peso bus – with good AC and a calm driver and coming home a slow Pulmonia driver that loved US country music. If you ever get to hear the song “I’m not the man I once was.” Really listen to the words. Funny as heck.

Had another small invasion of ants again yesterday – they found all the crumbs on the table under the table cloth. Sprayed them with Windex – got rid of them and cleaned the table [long over due I guess]. Also went outside and saw their trail and Windexed it. The ammonia kills them and keeps them away. Hate those little things. They are so tiny and fast you think you’re seeing things at first.
I just remembered the book I am reading - compliments of B&N is about knitting a baby blanket and the pattern is probably at the end of the book. Will have to check. 
And so ends another day in the life of a snowbird in Mexico. Good title for a book.....

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  1. the shawl looks great!! So glad that bills numbers have dropped again!! Keep up the good work !! Hugs !!