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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello from San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

We got to San Carlos around noon so after setting everything up we went out to lunch to a restaurant right on the beach. Some one has to suffer for you guys. 
But before we got to San Carlos we had to leave Hermosillo. Left there about 9:30. Not in a hurry as it was only a 91 mile drive. Getting ready to turn onto the Periferico.
 We noticed yesterday that three or four police would be standing on the center island. They'd stop people and give them tickets. I don't know how they made the people flying by in their cars stop. But stop they did and got a ticket. This one was giving a ticket on our side of the road, another was ticketing someone on the other side and two were waiting on the island. 
 Boy the old white haired guy is all over. Going through the city was a little better than it has been other years. The first third of the Periferico is newly paved, the next third not too bad and the last part is terrible.Just before turning back on to the 15.  
 Traffic jam. Actually it was a red light. The truck has two 53' trailers. Hate having to go around them. 
  Once out of Hermosillo the highway was pretty good most of the way. We just hoped the cowboy was faster than the cows if one took off running for the road. 
The south bound side of the 15 from Hermosillo to San Carlos for the most part is very good. A couple sections are still rough but only for a kilometer or two. 
 And as you get closer to San Carlos there is a part where we were sharing the narrow no shoulder road with north bound traffic.
Going into San Carlos. Yes the bricks are still around the round abouts.  
Settled in at Totonaka RV. Usually we park right up front but someone was in "our space" so we are about midway back. Paid for a weeks stay - at $22 a night. WiFi, cable, electric 30amps, water and sewer. 
Getting ready to leave for the restaurant. 
View from our table. Bill had a Caesar Salad with chicken and I had a BLT and fries, both had a soft drink. 215 Pesos about US$13

 Same table view only looking inland. [I really need to start using my other camera.]
 Came home rested a while then went to grocery store just to look around. Then walked across the street to see the sunset. Wasn't all that pretty but none the less here it is. 
 Watched the birds and boats for a bit then came home. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. How warm is it in San Carlos in the daytime at this time of year? Continue to have a safe trip on your way south.

    1. Mid 80s average high next 5 day. High 50s average low at night. And so far not too humid.